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>> good evening. so this is the regular meeting of the board of education of san francisco unified school district for september 25, 2012 is now called to order. roll call please.
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(roll call). >> thank you. >> if you would like to join us for the pledge of allegiance. pledge one and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. okay. i get the first word. giants go. another world series champion. okay. seriously let's get back to the agenda. item a approval of board minutes for the regular minutes of march 13, 2012, august 14, 2012, september 11, 2012. is there a
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motion for all three? >> [inaudible] >> is there a second. >> second. >> any corrections? roll call please. >> thank you. >> yes. >> ms. (roll call. that is six aye's. >> thank you. presentations to the board of education superintendent report. superintendent carranza your thoughts for the evening. >> great thank you president yee. ladies and gentlemen and all of our parents listening at home. i wish you a good evening. thank you for being here in the board room. just a few thoughts to share with you. we are coming upon a very special election in the next
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few weeks and people will have an opportunity to vote and as you're deciding on candidates and ballot measures to vote for i would like to draw your attention to proposition 30 and 38. with the understanding that if these prop propositions pass they have significant impact on funding. if neither one passes financial resources will be greatly diminished for schools in california and specifically here in san francisco. the lodge cuts include that we will be forced to shorten the school year by five days this year and nine days next year in addition to the substantial cuts that will be at school sites and for students. i want to encourage all of you to vote in the
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election. vote your witness but there's vote. the. >> >> schools of association or wasp as they are known in the district is accreditation process that all schools do to award diplomas. six high schools under went accreditation last spring and if you have never been through one it's a process that is rigorous and consists of teams from each school and reviewing academic achievement, structures and parent will involvement and community involvement among things. all of high schools reviewed in this cycle were credited and i would like to thank the administrators and
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staff of these schools for making us proud at having a great afyr' the accreditation meetings. i also would like to thank everyone that participated in the national bully summit. you may recall that the san francisco school district was selected as the host for the summit and students attended the movie equal bully" on september 13. i had the privilege of being in attendance with a group of students that viewed the movie and i have to tell you they were absolutely phenomenal. they were attentive, respective, rereverent when they should be and that maybe a sign -- i'm worried. >> cut him off. >> and i think they were very
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jub lant at times when they should be jubilant. we had the privilege by being addressed by the director and our mayor, ed lee and the united states attorney for the northern district melinda hague. i can't begin to express how impact the time was for all and i have no doubt our students will make examples on campuses and making a difference in others and finally we have a presentation for the student performance gains over the last five years. without stealing the thunder from the presenters later this evening i am happy to say our students are learning at greater levels than before. while we take this evening to celebrate there is much to be done and we count on everyone to focus on student learning as we
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move forward in difficult economic times and with they would like to echo the words of the board president, "go giants" . >> thank you superintendent. so let's go over to item c, recognitions and resolutions of accommodation. again superintendent carranza for the rave awards. >> thank you president yee. we have two recognitions one comondation this evening so i would like to call for the rave service award and ms. rico from cesar chavez school. >> good evening president yee, superintendent carandza, number of the board and public. i am
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honored and proud to award carol wood our secretary at cesar chavez. she has served the district for 20 and a half years. she is bilingual in spanish and american sign language. she's an incredibly cherished and loved member of our community, and she has seen many generations of students and parents, and i am proud and behalf of the community to present this award to her. congratulations carol. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. i just want to say over these 20 years seven principals and all the change they have seen i feel very lucky to have been at one school for all those years. i had a few summer school assignments at
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different sites but i love cesar chavez and it's pretty exciting to me working with the children of the children who were there in 1992 when i began. this is a great honor. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> and we have a special rave award for special service, and to make that presentation i would like to ask principal doug dent to please make the presentation. >> thank you superintendent carranza. benjamin morrow came to this middle school the year after i arrived and if we had been successful to a large extent it's because of people like him. he is a counselor, parexcellence and it is a pleasure that i have to
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introduce to you mr. benjamin rambrow. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. i know how many dynamic dedicated educators there are in this district so i am extremely honored to receive this. i am really proud of all the work and the significant progress we have made over the last few years and i think that is attributed to outstanding leadership so i want to thank my principal, my friend, doug bent and thank you very much. this means a lot to me. [applause] >> thank you for both of you coming in and being recognized. it's a great privilege and i was actually a teacher at horght
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thon it was called prior to you getting there, so let's see. we have another resolution here, and a comondidation for the support of families with children with disability. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> and a second? >> second. >> okay. reading of the resolution by author commissioner. >> in support of the families with children with disabilities and i will read the relevant paragraphs. whereas in 1982 support for families with disabilities has offered information, education and parent to parent support free of charge to families with children with kind of disability or health care need in san francisco and whereas the agency has benefited the special needs
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families of the san francisco unified school district by providing phone line and drop in services as well as workshops, resources, referrals and guidance in english, spanish and can ton easy and mandarin and support for families had the mentor program and a training session for the english and spanish speaking parents seeking to improve their special education knowledge and self advocacy skills resulting in 22 new leer trained 11 english speaking, 11 spanish speaking mentors who are knowledgeable about what special education is and what it's not. who is eligible? the types of services provided, the time lines, the six principles and other topics and whereas a school district continues to pursue the goal of
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fully inclusive learning environment for students with special needs we recognize the deep and rich partnership for students with special needs shared with key agencies such as families with children with disabilities and host the advisory committee for special education ten times per year. therefore be resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district recognizes support for children with disabilities to be celebrated this friday, september 28, for the agency's tremendous contributions to supporting san francisco public school students and their families through the many activities throughout the year. [applause] >> thank you commissioner. i don't see any public speakers for this. is there a public
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speaker that didn't sign up? you may come up anyways because you're going to be receiving it, but are there comments from the board first? and then we will bring you up. >> i just want to say that the school district relies on many different organizations but really this agency in particular touches so many of our families that i am pleased to recognize the 30th anniversary for the event on friday. >> commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. i want to thank you and 30 years is a wonderful time and we look forward to working with you for 30 years more at least and i would like to admy name to the resolution and accommodation. i think we all want want congratulations. >> commissioner maw faws. >> thank you and if you wouldn't mind but i also want to congratulate you all and not
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just here at the board of education where we see your work but really i see it in the community just the connective tissue where you touch other community based organizations and other places where families are and i have seen it so many times so congratulations to your outreach and how far you stretch across san francisco and beyond so thank you very much. >> commissioner wynn. >> thank you. i just want to thank you and you know tell you how grateful i have been to work with you for a long time and look forward to it in the future. congratulations. >> i also want to say thanks so much for just being a wonderful resource to parents helping them to navigate a really hard system to understand. when i was working as a director of parent org nieging i referred many families to support for family
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and thank you very much and congratulations and on to another 30 years of service. thanks. >> superintendent carranza. >>i would like to add my congratulations of the board and juneau thank you so much on behalf of the thousands of children you have helped and the families you have helped. we have tremendous work ahead of us but we know we can accomplish it because we have wonderful partners like you so thank you very much. >> so i guess i get the last word. juno, it's incredible what you have done. i am so proud of you and the organization. for the odd densz that don't know this i was in the sister organization at the birth of this organization was formed and it was just her and her and her, and look at what it's now, the impact it's had.
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it's great for me personally to see the growth and what you have done for our families so congratulations. what do i do now? voting. w÷w÷ >> thank you commissioner. ( roll call). >> you have six aye's. [applause] >> i honestly didn't expect that but thank you guys. and it wasn't just me. i actually started at support for families as a parent using its services, but thank you. i had a long
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thing i was going to say but i'm going to shorten it and i just want to say as a representative of families of children with disabilities for the first time in a really long time we are feeling hopeful, and it's because we are working in a school district that understands the challenges of the children and families and is actually doing something about it. the fact that you say every child has the right to be well educated and actually implement strategies that going to make that happen we are forever grateful, so thank you guys, and thank you for the comondation but thank you for being such an awesome partner and yeah, 30 more years. [applause] >> may i briefly say something. i am lori and also a parent with a child with special needs and a parent mentor and board member
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of support for families and eight years ago and juno and this organization was the bridge that we needed to make sure my daughter had the most hopeful brightest future and i really rely on the organization and see the work they're doing and the bridges they're building and thank you for being an equal partner in that and i wish everyone who has a love one with a question about a child with special needs or health care issues and please go on line and go to support for families with children with disabilities and thank you so much for acan advo scat for us. it's wonderful. >> thank you. >> okay. that was fun. going
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rld is delegate's report. it's windy ly and megan wong. >> student body and theresa quinnian are having anti-bullying day on october first and asking students across the district to support them by wearing blue. with all the recent work the district has done to stop dullying we would love for everyone to keep the momentum up and support this day. >> our nearly elected has updated the social media and follow us at twitter and at base book. juch search student advisory council and also on
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tub lar. >> we talked about issues in the committees and some that we would like to learn more about like what is takes to serve a nutritional meals at school? how is the amount of money each school receives determines? how can we offer more ap and honor courses at our schools. >> what is the time line for renovation for schools that haven't been renovated yet? as the committees medwe would like sfusd staff to present on these issues and we look forward to learning more. we have also cosponsoring the board of education forum with the coleman advocates and other community partner and bayville and more details will be followed. >> thank you. item e, parent advisory council report. pap
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representative. >> good evening commissioners. thank you for the time. i am tony telrico and my daughter is at sunset elementary school. she's a joyful learner and proud of her school community. this is my year on the pac so i'm a month in and we had two engaging meetings so far. we are looking forward to working there. it's to represent parent voices and perspective to inform of board of education policies and this will address our issues for this school year and our process for developing action plans to pursue those issues. the pac looked at data about student achievement over the past
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several years, identify ways to engage families to strengthen the district's initiatives and reviewing major questions and concerns that heard from families during our community conversations that the pac has conducted over the last few years. at the beginning of this school year the pac members met with superintendent carranza to learn more about the district's initiative to support students and educators and to close the achievement gap. in our meetings last week the pac members talked about many issues that we could work on this year and we voted to identify the most important issues that we should address and pursue. the pac's requirity issues for this year are implementation of the district's family engagement plan including mechanisms for district accountability to families, parent and community engagement in the superintendent's zone initiatives and the bay view
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mission western edition and bernel heights communities. continuing our work in strengthening implementation of restorative practices, to improve school climates and reduce student suspensions and in fact in the coming week we have two conversations scheduled at visitation valley elementary school on friday and at sunnyside elementary school on monday to address and in fact discussion around restorative practices at those schools. ensuring that students are successful prepared at the high the graduation requirements so that those students are ready for both college and career. also implementation of the law plan and for after
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equal after school programs. >> >> and effectively align the programs that are managed by brief as after school programs. >> >> pac members were also interested in additional issues including updating the wellness policy for sfusd in conjunction with the food and finance advisory committee and approving special education services, addressing the inequities of school based fundraising and strengthening school site government structures particularly school site councils and english learner la advisory committees. once we established those as priority initiatives we signed up to project teams to focus on the issues. teach team will propose the plans for the pac's work and then reviewed by the entire pac group. some of these projects as i mentioned before will be a
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continuation of our work from last year and prior years. in deciding what issues we would work on, and how to work on them, one of the most important questions for us as a pac was how we could be effective in supporting positive change for the district especially in our efforts to close the ongoing gaps in opportunity and achievement between different pop populations of children across sfusd. we'll meet with district staff and other advocates to look at ways we can work together to engage families and community members in pursuit of these initiatives and look forward to working with you, the board of education commissioners to discussion these issues in-depth and help shape our work and present parent perspectives
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how we can help students to succeed. >> okay thank you. any comments? questions? commissioner maufas. >> thank you very much for presenting today. i just wanted to say i know that the parent advisory council has been instrumental in helping with the restorative practices and moving it forward throughout the san francisco unified school district community among parents. i am happy you made the family engagement plan a priority. i believe you will instrumental that we bring it to fruition and i am happy to see that you're on board with that and i look forward to interim reports in how we're doing and that is key in this process. thank you very
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much. >> commissioner murase. >> thank you for that report. could you remind us when you meet? >> yes. our meeting dates this year are wednesday's and i believe it's the second wednesday of the month coming up. i can clarify that and get back to you formally with the date. >> but you also meet here at 555 franklin. >> yes the third floor of this building. >> okay great. any other comments? seeing none. thank you very much. >> thank you again. >> item f, public comments on consent items. i have a big grin because there is only one person. elizabeth stump --
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wait a minute. sorry. take it back. i don't see any speakers signed up for this. item g, consent calendar. is there a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> any items withdrawn or collected by the superintendent? any items removed for first reading by the board? any items severed by the board or superintendent for a discussion and vote tonight? commissioner mendoza. >>i would like to pull item k1 and k33 please. >> k1 and 33. >> roll call vote will take place under section zero, item